Our gates are constructed to be strong, durable and built to last, using high quality materials and with precise attention to detail. We work with aluminium and steel frames and can include exotic timber cladding, which gives you a vast array of options.

From gates that slide on rollers to those that swing on hinges, complete privacy to see through, we have gate options that will add value to your property and do the job you need them to.

Style, colour, material and size are your choice and of course, we'll help you to work out what will look and work best in your environment as well as measure, create and install them.

Here are some examples as thought-starters... though you're limited only by your imagination! ⤷ Talk to us about what you need.


Aluminium louvre style gates

Aluminium is a great option for tough, effective and cost-effective gates without the weight of other materials. Here, a louvre style gives your property exceptional privacy.


Aluminium semi private gates

Still in aluminium, these slat gates offer you some privacy without completely obscuring your view, in or out.

Timber panels

Timber panel gates

Wood with metal framing provides privacy and slides right back on rollers.


Black metal gates

Simple or ornate, metal gates are durable and extremely long lasting.

Exotic timber slats

Timber slat panel gates

Slats of exotic timber with metal framing provides privacy and slides right back on rollers.

Rural gates

Black metal gates

These swing gates are an excellent addition to rural properties as well as suburban sections.

Metal - square top

Square top metal sliding electric gates

These square top sliding gates provide security while allowing full visibility.

Metal - arch top

Black metal gates

Manual archtop metal gates allow easy access while keeping the dogs (or kids) safely inside.

Commercial sliding gates

Commercial sliding gates in black metal

When you need to ensure restricted entry to commercial facilities, these heavy, strong gates are an ideal choice.

Commercial swing gates

Commercial swing gates in black metal

Whether you choose swing or sliding gates comes down to available space and personal preference.